Friday, February 8, 2013

Good day and welcome! I am excited to share with you some photos from my most recent ski trip to interior B.C. I traveled there to shoot with Switchback Entertainment where we filmed an episode for Salomon Freeski TV that is going to air next season!

The crew was Jeff Thomas, Blair Richmond, Bryn Hughes, Mike Henitiuk, Kieran Nikula and myself, and yes, we killed it....well, we had a good time at the very least! We traveled inland in search of old mining towns that had existing buildings, structures and mines that we could jib. For those who know me or know how I like to ski, you know that I like to hit jumps, but I am far from a jibber.

Therefore, I found myself a little out of my element on some of the more technical jibs, but I still had a blast on the more straight forward jumps! It was a real kick in the pants! I'm really inspired by the creativity and style of the youngsters (Mike and Kieran). They both have their own unique approach to skiing whether it's hitting a wall ride, jibbin roof tops or finding some mini transition to land in. Those boys killed it and it was really entertaining to watch!

All in all, we had a great week of building jumps, filming and skiing pow! I can't wait to see the edit Blair and Jeffy put together on this one! I know we got some unique features and some really cool shots. One thing is for certain when it comes to Jeffy and Blair, they know how to work magic when it comes to editing, so I am pretty sure it is going to be a good edit!

For now all I got for ya are some teaser photos that I took....we'll have to wait to see what Bryn got too, as I know he got some bangers! Enjoy!

Deep in the mine chutes with Kieran Nikula

Really cool ice and rock build up in these buildings from the 1800's

Kieran Nikula sending it through a mining tram!

Mike Henitiuk wall ridin

Henitiuk showing off his graceful style!

Kieran gettin all corked through the tram tower with mad style!

Kieran gettin all corked through the tram tower with mad style!

Kieran hand drag'n through a pillow

Henitiuk boosting a large 180 on this step down

This is my broke down sled getting towed throuh a creek bed. I hate when these things beak down

This is the lake we stayed at, we were styled and dialed at the cabin!

Henitiuk Sending the step down!

Kieran sending the step down

Where's waldo? No serious can you find Mike?

Kieran showing off more of his style!

Henitiuk sending the first hit on this giant step down. A natural mining feature we stepped out!

Kieran gettin jib nasty!

Road gaper!

Jibbin the train from the 1800's

Kieran killing again

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